Meet Teddles - Limited Edition Print

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Part of the "Meet the Dogs of the Photo Book Projects" series. Black & White fine art print of former Michael Vick pit bull Teddles who was saved by the pit bull rescue and advocacy group BADRAP. Signed by the photographer on the reverse side and numbered.

The text says:

meet teddles

rescued by: BADRAP

featured in: Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs

nicknames: Ted, Teddy, Ted-baby, Tedlito & T-mac

history: Teddles was seized from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, but today he is too busy being a cherished family pet to think about his past. Now he mostly thinks about naptime, treats and playing with his canine best buddy Izzi. 

certifications: Canine Good Citizen certificate

loves: Cuddles, kisses & everyone he meets

(The watermark, website link and copyright text ARE NOT a part of the print.)

Choose from one of 3 PRINT sizes: 

  • 8"x12" (limited edition of 250)
  • 12"x18" (limited edition of 250)
  • 16"x24" (limited edition of 250)
Or select a 16"x24" wrapped CANVAS print. Also signed on the reverse side, numbered and ready to hang as is. (limited edition of 250)
30% of the net profit is donated to animal rescue. 

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