Meet the Dog: Custom Design Package Deal


Get a "Meet the Dog" design created with your dog's image and stats! You must have had your dog photographed by Melissa in order to get one of these designs. Then have the design applied to merchandise. 


This package includes:

* design costs (normally $49.00)

* 1 b&w print (8"x12")

* 10 postcards

* 10 notecards

* 1 mug (15 oz, white)


After you purchase the package...

Pick 5 - 6 headings text from the list below, then send the text that applies to your dog.

meet uba (this is included in all designs with your dog's name and is in addition to the 5-6 headings)

adopted from: BADRAP

from: California

featured in: Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs (if your dog is in one of the books)

nickname: “A party in a dog suit”

history: Uba was seized from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, but he has since triumphed over his past. Smart and athletic, Uba knows countless commands, competes in rally, does nose work and loves to run on his doggy treadmill. 

certifications: Canine Good Citizen certificate

loves: Befriending his home’s many foster dogs

color: black & white

weight: 47 lbs.

favorite toy: stuffed bunny

favorite food: peanut butter

he will do anything for: food

favorite activity: running on the beach

home life: Uba lives an active life with his family and canine "sibling." He has many dog friends who he loves to wrestle and play with. He is up for any activity, any time...especially if it involves food.

he is happiest when: he is lying in the sun




(The watermark, website link and copyright text on the sample designs 
ARE NOT part of the custom designs.)

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